Nei Yang Gong Qigong 2017

Regular Morning classes, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7h45 - 8h30 in the Parliament Gardens - near the bowls club;


What is meditation?

Some Common Misconceptions.

    Meditation is…
  • Only for people who are on a spiritual search.
    The benefits of meditation are manifold. Chief among them are the ability to relax and to be aware without effort. Useful tools for just about everyone!
  • A practice to gain “peace of mind.”
    Peace of mind is a contradiction in terms. By its very nature the mind is a chronic commentator. What you can discover through meditation is the knack of finding the distance between yourself and the commentary, so that the mind, with its constant circus of thoughts and emotions, no longer intrudes on your inherent state of silence.
  • A mental discipline or effort to control or “tame” the mind, to become more mindful.
    Meditation is neither a mental effort nor an attempt to control the mind. Effort and control involve tension, and tension is antithetical to the state of meditation. Besides, there is no need to control the mind, only to understand it and how it works. The meditator does not need to tame his mind, to become more mindful, but to grow more in consciousness.
  • Focusing, concentrating or contemplating.
    Focusing, like concentrating is a narrowing of awareness. You concentrate on one object to the exclusion of everything else. By contrast, meditation is all-inclusive, your consciousness is expanded. The contemplator is focused on an object – perhaps a religious object, a photograph or on an inspiring aphorism. The meditator is simply aware, but not of anything in particular.
  • A new experience.
    Not necessarily – sportsmen know this space, which they refer to as “the zone.” Artists know it – through singing, painting, playing music. We can know it through gardening, playing with the kids, walking on the beach or making love. Even as children we may have had experiences of it. Meditation is a natural state and one that you have almost certainly tasted, although perhaps without knowing the name of the flavour.

    How do I achieve inner peace?

    • By becoming more aware of yourself.
    • By sitting silently and watching the grass grow by it self.

    Ways of exploring meditation!

    • Daily meditations
    • Meditation camps over one or two days


    • Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday @ 18:30

      Venue: UTOPIA FRESH & WILD.
      Contribution: N$ 50
    • For information or registration please use the contact form.

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