Nei Yang Gong Qigong 2017

Regular Morning classes, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7h45 - 8h30 in the Parliament Gardens - near the bowls club;

About me

GŁnther, Prabodh Martens

Born in October 1957 in Swakopmund, Namibia.

Meditation teacher

Communication facilitator/trainer

Qigong & Tai chi teacher

At the age of thirty-two I had my own business and lived an easy life, but I felt there was more to life than wine, women and song.
I landed in Port Alfred, South Africa, to complete my Dive Master`s Certificate. I enjoyed being near the ocean and crossed the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro, then journeyed up the Brazilian coast. It`s an experience I will always remember.

Life then took me to Germany, where after a short period of time, I felt bored again.
By good fortune, a friend in Spain gave me a book about Osho. In 1993, I arrived at the Osho Multiversity in Poona, India, where a new world opened for me.

I was introduced to meditation. I spent three years here and practiced awareness in every way of Life, I participated in different meditative therapies like "mystic rose", "born again", "who is in" and "no mind."
I also experienced different forms of bodywork, like foot reflexology, shiatsu, colour puncture a form of acupuncture, kinesiology, etc. and participated in other therapies, like primal deconditioning, tantra, pulsation, and co-dependency.

When I returned to Germany, my life was very positive, inside and outside.
Then life took another turn when my girlfriend Kadambini fell ill with cancer, and a whole new challenge presented itself. (She is well today and is still my best friend.) Over A period of seven years, I struggled with a situation for which I had no plan. I could not express the struggle inside me and was looking for help to do this.

In 2001, I came across non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg. Attending workshops and a year-long training in Hamburg, Germany, led me to the International Intensive Seminar in Switzerland. Here I had the opportunity to meet Marshall.

Understanding that having medical aid will not keep me healthy, I used to jog regularly until I felt pain in my joints and needed a lot of discipline to continue !
I was looking for something that I could enjoy doing until I leave this planet when I came across Neiyanggong, a form of medical Qigong, in 2005. After only three months of training now and then, I felt a change happening: my nervous system became very calm. This motivated me to continue with the twelve movements on a regular basis.
In 2007, I participated in a workshop in Hamburg, Germany, with Liu Yafei, whose father, Liu Guizhen, founded Neiyanggong. Her energetic, playful and joyful appearance appealed to me very much and I decided to study more in China.

In 2008 I went to the Hebei Medical Qigong Hospital in Beidaihe, China, where I had daily Qigong and Tai chi lessons for 3 month. I still am fascinated by what I have learned there and find it easy to practice Qigong and Tai chi daily.

I am back home in NAMIBIA since September 2008, having found the answers I needed.
My challenge now is to let life evolve.

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