Nei Yang Gong Qigong 2017

Regular Morning classes, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7h45 - 8h30 in the Parliament Gardens - near the bowls club;

Qi Gong / Tai chi:

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The Blood is circulated without Stress on the Heart

Qi Gong works strongly on the body fluids, including blood, lymph, and the synovial and cerebro-spinal fluids.
Concerning the circulation of blood, the object of Qi Gong is not to make the heart pump more strongly, but to increase the elasticity of the vascular system. As the vessels expand and contract with more vigor, the heart doesn`t need to pump as strongly, which provides it with more rest.

Thus, the beneficial consequences of Qi Gong, and the internal material arts, are primarily vascular, rather than cardiac, in nature.

Source: B.K. Frantzis

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