Qigong 2017

Regular Morning classes, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7h45 - 8h30 in the Parliament Gardens - near the bowls club;

Qi Gong / Tai chi:

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Staying connected to our Bodies

The SourceI spent much of my life disconnected from my body. This meant that I wouldn`t notice that I was coming down with an illness until it hit me hard;
For years I wished I didn`t have this body, I didn`t` like the way it looked or functioned, so I ignored its needs. Frankly, I wanted someone else to deal with it. Then I began to realize how much I neglected my physical self and in doing so neglected me.

No one else was going to take care of my body. It was my job!

To live peacefully, we need to take care of our physical self through nurturing food, exercise and health care otherwise we do violence to ourselves.
Consider spending time each day to connect with your body. Empathize with areas of your body that feel poorly and listen to what they need to be healthy and comfortable.

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