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Qi Gong / Tai chi:

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Your Body Will Awaken in Stages

If you constantly practice Qi Gong, your body will open up in layers. Muscles that were initially numb will begin to regain sensation. Your body will begin to reveal itself to you gradually, in a marvellous process of discovery.
As your body becomes more alive, you`ll be able to feel how your physical self works from the inside out.

It is not farfetched to say that you may actually begin to feel your internal organs (kinaesthetically sense where your liver and spleen are, say) and what they are doing at any given time (as opposed to knowing this information intellectually).
This sensitivity allows for detecting potential problems well before they ever get to the point of causing trouble.

The Body-Awakening Process Is Irregular

A French Qigong Group, BeidaiheThe process of opening the body is more often like an uneven roller coaster than a linear journey.
One week one part of our body will open; the next week another part will open, while a previously open part closes again. The process is a bit like a game of "now you see it, now you don`t." The time will come, though, when your body will open up and stay open, completely accessible to your awareness.

Never Force Open Body Parts That Are blocked

What happens if you encounter, and cannot get rid of, a particular block during the standing or some other exercise?
The answer is simple: Do not force it. Rather than remaining at that one unmovable block and working away at it fruitlessly for a prolonged time, just move on to the next step.
You may find that the next day or week the immovable block will quite suddenly dissolve.

Your Chi Is Growing Even if You Cannot Feel It!

What happens if you practice Qi Gong for a while but don`t feel anything-different going on in your body?
This is in fact the case for many people. It takes time for you to become sensitive to the chi, but a good rule of thumb to go by is as follows: If you find yourself feeling more comfortable, or if you are able to do more things without strain, or if you do not get sick as much as you used to,or if you start developing a type of effortless concentration and ability to do physical things you never before even thought were possible - your chi is growing whether you are aware of it or not.

Keep practicing and you will eventually feel the chi in a very real way.

Strange Sensations Are Normal

Some of the common sensations people report when they feel the chi starting to move in their bodies include: feelings of warmth, extreme heat, electricity, heaviness, lightness, expansion, contraction, pressure, an internal sense of wind or water moving.

Chi Gung Frees Trapped Emotions

Chi Gung, Beidaihe, ChinaWhen energy enters your system it affects every level of your being. Some of its physical effects have already been mentioned. However, as the chi grows stronger in the body, it also charges up emotional energies.

Large numbers of people in the west are extremely repressed emotionally, as they have spent a great deal of time and effort learning to control emotion.
Emotions that have never been expressed stay in the energy body of a human being at the fringes of conscious awareness. As you open up the chi flow in your system, the chi can give emotional energy more power, just as it strengthens your physical energy.

Increased emotional energy enables you to feel your present emotions, as well as those you have suppressed for a long period of time.
Emotions such as anger, fear, love, hate, sadness, or joy may arise for no apparent reason. Often during practice, or more commonly a few hours after, such feelings, severe in nature, may suddenly appear. It is important to understand that these sensations, which we call emotions, do not require acting out – just experience them internally and let them through you.

If a person feels angry and takes it out on someone else either physically or mentally, the anger may actually increase rather than be expended.
However, if the dissolving techniques taught in Qi Gong are used on the emotional "body", that same anger can then be transformed into a healthy, usable form. Behaviourally acting out negative emotional energy that was stuck to begin with may further entrench it. Again, understand that nothing has to be "done" with this energy.
You can merely monitor it as it dissolves and is reassimilated and turned into a healthy constructive force. On the energetic level, it is just as unhealthy to throw emotional energy around externally as it is to repress it.

Digest Your Chi Slowly, with Frequent Repetition

After twenty years of teaching these movements to large numbers of people of varying ages, physical capacities, and intellectual talents, I have found that the way people learn Qi Gong best is through deliberate repetition.
When things were not deliberately repeated over and over again in classes, people stated that they understood, but in fact did not.

So, take your time, and follow instructions carefully. I would not say that Qi Gong is easy to learn, but I would say that it is not all that difficult, especially when you consider its incredible benefits.

Source: B.K. Frantzis

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